Shawna & Kevin Reed


As Your Event Florist approaches it's 10th Anniversary, we naturally have begun to reflect back on our beginnings. It truly was a leap of faith! Not blindly, but with hard work and a focused goal. We had faith in each other and what we wanted to create!

My strength and fortitude came from my knowledge and experience in the floral industry. See, I am a second generation floral designer/artist, started when I was 18 years old at my father's side who was a pioneer in developing AZ's event floral market. So although our company will be celebrating 10 amazing years, I have actually been designing for more than 20 years in the valley.

My wife is the business brains to my creative brain! She holds the Business Management & Marketing degree and prior to our endeavor held a position as a Business Development Manager. She actually quit her job before we even opened our doors and before we had any revenue coming in. She had complete faith in me and my passion to be a business owner. We make the perfect team!

We never started out with the mindset to work from our home and grow into a physical location or maintain separate employment while we built up our business. We developed a solid business plan and literally leapt! We believed in us and went for it! We just both knew leaping meant we had to create something successful because we had no emergency parachute. So we did it and have never looked back. We leapt and have been so rewarded with stellar clients and industry partners we value!